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BEST. TEAM. EVER. Priceless Reactions To The Perfection That Is Simone Biles Here’s What Gymnastics Judges See That You Don’t POLITICS[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Clinton breaks the 50% barrier

Clinton hits 50% in new @MonmouthPoll: Clinton 50 Trump 37 Johnson 7 Stein 2 Poll conducted 8/3-7.[...]

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Trump urges gun owners to kill Hillary Clinton

A political firestorm erupted Tuesday afternoon after GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump told a rally crowd in North Carolina that Hillary Clinton wants to confiscate their guns and they should use the “Second Amendment” to prevent her from appointing Supreme Court justices. CBS News[...]

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BUCHENWALD 132: On Elie Wiessel and Bill Quick

On FACEBOOK: Bill Quick responding to a post about Buchenwald: “It is so sad that Stephen continues to mislead readers with these statements. (1) There is no documentation that I am aware of that Dr. Robert Schwartz actually provided “medical care” at Buchenwald. There is a letter[...]

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BUCHENWALD 131: After Robert