Could there by a God?

For a Jew who accepts Torah, then there is a God. because , as Maimonides taught, our Jewish beliefs come from revelation .. the Torah.
But, Maimonides taught that given its age, human error, and parlous transmission,the Torah needs t be open to ongoing interpretation.

In contrast, science  is the result of direct revelation.  Wherever scientific reality contradicts Torah, we need to reinterpret the Torah.
So  if there is a God, its properties are defined by scientific reality.  If  there is a God understandable by men, it, she or he is behind evolution and quantum mechanics. I
Of course, there could  be a God not understandably by men but the properties of that God then depend equally on sconce and what any of us consider our revelation.  Since reality is God’s work, the that revelation must include science.

So denial  of science is blasphemy.

Also, where science is the same for all  humans, beliefs in God are not.  We have no objective way of determining which non scientific revelations are valid. 

So it is wrong to impose any God belief on others.

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  1. Cecil #

    Well written my man! But we both know that the world is an aggregate of what you believe against the concrete reality of what you see. I don’t dis allow science. I think experiment and theory are essential to progress. We cannot remain stagnant as some religions assume. ( this is it and there is nothing else) If God did not want us to progress he would have made us all angels. The fallacy comes when science is made the God and the supernatural is blasphemy. Science and the supernatural can exist together because they are different facets of the one God, being temporal and spiritual. They can exist together , otherwise I could not be an electronic tech delving into the unseeable world of electrons and quasi particles. For me electronics does not exclude God. It enhances the thought that there may be a God. And this is the real argument. You say science is exclusionary and I say science is proof. So on that note . We both believe in science ; it is the semantics that divide us. have a nice day, my friend.

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