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Enter to win ..Signed picture of Eric Trump!

How would you like to get… A free flight to New York City; A private tour of our campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, and A lunch with me – where we’ll talk about our strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton and Make America Great Again! A signed picture of me in Africa! Just contribute $3 now [...]

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We Import Housing From Canada

Old Houses From Canada Find a Home in Washington State Houses from British Columbia have been taken by barge and restored in the San Juan Islands to help give struggling families an affordable way to stay. NYTIMES.COM|BY KIRK JOHNSON[...]

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Muslims burn Catholics alive in Nigeria The shameful U.S. media is asleep at the wheel again. I was gut punched and reminded yet again of the horrifying truth of Islam and its tactics worldwide.[...]

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What is a CWL?

CWL is a condescending white liberal.   CWL stands for Condescending  White Liberals .. left wing people who celebrate their morality by telling other of less privilege how to live. Among other marks of the CWL are categorizing others as “white” vs. “of color.”  This imp[...]

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I Endorse Cyrus Habib


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Could there by a God? Yes. For a Jew who accepts Torah, then there is a God. because , as Maimonides taught, our Jewish beliefs come from revelation .. the Torah. But, Maimonides taught that given its age, human error, and parlous transmission,the Torah needs t be open to ongoing interpretation.[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The Pope vs the Papacy

External experts brought in by Pope Francis to help tackle the tiny city state’s ills are answering the papal call for openness — and infuriating some Holy See stalwarts in the process. Over the past few months members of the pope’s commission for child protection — handpicked by Francis to [...]