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BREAKING NEWS: ANC Loses Local Election in Nelson Mandela Bay

The African National Congress (ANC) suffered its worst electoral loss since the end of apartheid in 1994, when it lost Nelson Mandela Bay to the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) in municipal elections. Nationally the ANC still has 56 percent of the votes around South Africa.[...]

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How The Tea Party Imagines History


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Breaking News: Harvard Republican Club Dumps Trump

  Harvard Republican Club won’t endorse Trump for president | The Harvard Republican Club won’t be endorsing Donald Trump, marking the first time in 128 years that the organization has not backed the Republican nominee for president.[...]

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Tennis Time


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BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton holds a four-point lead over Donald Trump in Georgia,

While Clinton earned 44 percent support, Trump took 40 percent, in the latest survey coming on the heels of a disastrous week for the Republican nominee in which he has also trailed in the battleground states of New Hampshire, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and in multiple national polls conducted [...]

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Mike Pense on Creationism

Mike Pence Wants Creationism Taught In Public Schools Pence rejects evolution, claims creationism is the only rational explanation. PATHEOS.COM|BY PROGRESSIVE SECULAR HUMANIST EXAMINER[...]

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What Brexit Could Wrought


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Boat Launch


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I Endorse Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner excites me. In our state where we get the kind of legislators we pay for, she is a real bargain. Darcy is running in District 5 as a rational, realistic candidate against a scion of the GOP establishment, Paul Graves. Mr. Graves seems like a reasonable guy except that, like most Repub[...]