THE Ave Endorses Joe Pakootas for Congress

PatookasJoe Pakootas needs your help.

Despite the feckless lack of Democratic Party investment in his campaign this outstanding man, a native of the Spokane tribe, has come within 9 points of beating one of the worst Rs, Cathy McMorris Rogers for the fifth Congressional seat in our state!  Better yet, McMorris Rogers, Trump Tea Party Republican,  got only 41% of the total vote.

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Donald Trump picks up endorsement from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, top House Republican woman Tand fourth in the Republican leadership .  The endorsement came after she stated se  would “rebuke him, if he steps out of line.”

Joe Pakootas grew up on the Colville Indian Reservation, was raised in Inchelium and has lived in Eastern Washington all his life.
As a young child Joe and his siblings were taken away from their parents and placed in foster care, where he committed to building a different life for himself.  After graduating from high school, Joe took a job with the laborers union to support his family. Eventually, he was elected, and served 16 years as a Council member of his Tribe, five of those years as Chair.

After receiving his MBA from the University of Washington School of Business, Joe turned to the uphill battle that hit close to home. Prior to his tenure as CEO, the Colville Confederated Tribes were suffering financial losses, with more than a dozen of their businesses at risk of failure. Joe was appointed CEO, where he focused on developing sustainable business enterprises and turning around 13 failing businesses to usher in a $10 million economic turnaround for his tribe. As a result of his hard work, his alma mater awarded him the Bradford Award, an award given annually to the top minority businessman in Washington.


While CEO of the Colville Confederated Tribes, Joe implemented sustainable forest management practices, which was a first for any Native American tribe in the country, now considered standard practice in forestry. Additionally, in 2006, Joe filed a lawsuit against Teck Cominco, a Canadian mining company that had been polluting the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt for more than a century. The lawsuit was successful, and a federal judge forced Teck Cominco to clean up Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia watershed.


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