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Brady Walkinshaw Is Jayapal’s Opponent

Walkinshaw Pulls Ahead of McDermott in Primary Election Ballots Are still being counted but the dramatic shift of nearly 1000 votes  implies that late voters must have been very pro Brady.  The Ave predicts he will in the number two slot against Jayapal.  I endorsed Brady and am very excited abo[...]

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Trumpisms: Trump Boasts About Watching ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video Immediately After Becoming Eligible To Receive Classified Briefings

Trump seesm not to understand thet he is NOT supposed ot speak about ‘Top Secret’  Classified Briefings[...]

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THE Ave Endorses Joe Pakootas for Congress

Joe Pakootas needs your help. Despite the feckless lack of Democratic Party investment in his campaign this outstanding man, a native of the Spokane tribe, has come within 9 points of beating one of the worst Rs, Cathy McMorris Rogers for the fifth Congressional seat in our state!  Better yet, McMo[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: McCain in serious trouble.

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona senate race[...]

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Zika cases likely transmitted locally in U.S. for the first time and the virus appears in a second AMERICAN mosquito. Meanwhile the GOP Congress refuses to fund the NIH and the CDC to develop a vaccine.[...]

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Fox and slavery

Politics Bill O’Reilly: Slaves that built White House were ‘well-fed’ The Fox News commentator was responding to first lady Michelle Obama’s remarks in her speech at the Democratic National Convention, when she praised social progress in the United States. Updated 9:32 am[...]

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Remember when Mr. T threatened to drop out if his polls fell?

Trump Falls To 10 Point Gap With the latest news that the Trump camp is in disarray, it isn’t going to help that Fox News’ newest polling has a quonky commie witch with ten points over a dim-witted Drumpf. Meanwhile Trump is being sued for trademark infringement by the original Mr. T.&[...]

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Trumpisms: I can quit