South Carolina: Young Guy Runs Against Benghazi-holic Repugnant Repubican

chris fedaleiLiving in South Carolina must be horrid for anyone who gives a damn about rational politics.  For example my brother in law Bill Quick, an avowed liberal, lives in the 1st Congressional District where Mark Sanford .. the guy most famous for a sex scandal as governor, is the permanent representative.  Sanford has about $600,000 for his inevitable re-election vs Cimitri Cherney, with $11,000.  I wonder if Bill will even waste his time by voting?

So, I was pleased to donate a few bucks to someone in that bedamned state who actually cares about government.   Chris Fedalei, is  a Democratic candidate for Trey Gowdy’s seat in South Carolina’s Congressional Dist 4.

I read that he is honest, enthusiastic and wants to SERVE, not obsess like Gollum over his precious ring about Benghazi. I urge everyone who is sick of it, give your strong support to Chris and get conscientious representation for a change!

The district is called  “Safe Republican” by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call. and last time Trey Gowdy only had a weak Libertarian opponent. Interestingly Fedalei‘s site does not identify a political party. Worse:

District 04 Trey Gowdy (R)* $609,089
Chris Fedalei (D) $47,047

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