Robert Reich : Trumps’s good idea


Unbelievable. Trump has actually come up with a sensible economic proposal. He said today he’d “at least double” the size of Clinton’s proposed $275 billion to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure – putting people back to work repairing America’s crumbling roads, bridges, public transportation, water and sewage systems.

Trump was vague about how he’d pay for it, but sounds as if he intends to have the government borrow the money. “We’ll make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates,” he said.

Global capital is so cheap that global investors are now offering to pay the U.S. government for borrowing money from them – paying for the privilege of parking their savings with the U.S. government. So Trump’s proposal makes a lot of sense.

Paradoxically, Hillary Clinton has rejected the idea of borrowing to pay for her smaller infrastructure plan.

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