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Trumpisms: Trump says …


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The Voters Pamphlet as literature

Bet you thought reading the Voters Pamphlet is just another tedious chore, right? WRONG!!! It contains some truly entertaining writing. You just have to look in the right place. Meaning, skip over the mainstream (i.e., sane) candidates and read up on the flakes. Of whom there’s no shortage. He[...]

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The Polls Aren’t Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly

We’ve reached that stage of the campaign. The back-to-school commercials are on the air, and the “unskewing” of polls has begun — the quadrennial exercise in which partisans simply adjust the… FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM|BY HARRY J. ENTEN[...]

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Jews in South Africa

In troubled post-Mandela South Africa, a fight or flight dilemma for the 70,000 Jews Next week’s local government elections amount to a referendum on ANC rule. With joblessness, inequality and violence all on the rise, many in the Jewish community are considering their future. Nelson Mandela has b[...]

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My moral crisis: Should Gary Johnson Be Invited to the debates?

Wouldn’t it be great to at least see a reasonable third party candidate on the debate stage with Clinton and Trump? This is a hard one. As a believer in democracy, I think Johnson should be there. As someone afraid of Trump, not so sure. Gary Johnson at 13% in New CNN Poll; 2 Points Away [&he[...]

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Mummified sailor found on abandoned yacht

Mummified sailor found on abandoned yacht By Felipe Araujo, ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED BY: The mummified body of a German adventurer has been discovered inside an abandoned yacht. The grisly discovery came after two fishermen off the coast of the Philippines alerted authorities to a drifting [...]

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CHINA: Internet portals must shut all original reporting operations

Xi’s ‘Crusade’: Web services can now carry only state-approved media news (BLOOMBERG) China’s top internet regulator ordered major online companies including Sina Corp. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. to stop original news reporting, the latest effort by the government to tighten its grip over the[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Clinton’s Modest Post Convention Bump

 CBS reports that Hillary Clinton has received a modest bump in support after the Democratic convention and has now pulled ahead of Donald Trump. The race was tied last week after the Republican convention. Clinton led by a similar margin in June. Clinton got a four-point bounce after her party[...]

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BUCHENWALD 130: More Buchenwald Boys

More Buchenwald boys   Ken Waltzer  FACEBOOK  More Buchenwald boys who went to Mandate Palestine after liberation from the Nazi camps and who, after a time at the Magdiel Agricultural School, enlisted in the Palmach and fought in 1948 for national independence.  Tracking Buchenwald boys who went[...]