Comment by Charlie: I endorse Jesse Wineberry

Charlie James endorseWhy is the election in the 9th Congressional district so important to me that I would sacrifice long term friendships for it? Because its about resources that are desperately needed and who is committed to going and get them for the BLACK community. I am not a retired or current politician who has spent all of his life being grey. Every day and every hour of my life has been lived as a Black man and my life has been dedicated to that cause.

The cause is bigger than individuals. So when I have to chose the this Charlie James's getting a congressman elected who actually understands what we need..Jesse Wineberry, over one who is clearly the worst Congressman in our delegation…Adam’s a no brainier. The district was deliberately designed for this so lets get it done. If you don’t work for your people the personal relationships have no real value to me because we cant do anything together.

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