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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

1. Pottery by Ginny Conrow 2. South Pole of Jupiter 3. Dinner plate by Chihuly 4. Drill plate from Bertha 5. X ray crystallography of DNA[...]

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An Ex TV Anchor: The Seattle Ballot

Mike James 19 mins · Election two cents worth (which is about its value – :-)……. My ballot: US Senate – – – Patty Murray Governor – – – – Jay Inslee Lt. Governor – – Steve Hobbs Secretary of State – Tina Podlodowski State Treasur[...]

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Federal Court Overturns North Carolina’s Effort to Block Black Voters

Federal Appeals Court Rules New NC Voting Laws Intended To Discriminate A three-judge panel of the U.S Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit has found North Carolina’s controversial GOP-backed voting restrictions were intended to discriminate against African American voters.  [...]

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Republican Panders

FOX complaint: Hillary: “Democrats, we are the party of working people!” Except the coal miners. We’re going to put them out of work. Yep and the buggy makers and the guy who cleans up the horse doodoo and the folks who harvest whales fot  lamp oil![...]

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The Two Speeches


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James Bond’s Gills .. Reality?

Triton Artificial Gills Rebreather Approaching $1 Million in Indiegogo crowd-sourced funding, Triton’s $300 underwater breathing device supposedly uses a membraner to extract oxygen from the water and allow you to breath underwatr. But the claim gets better… the Triton is said to ship [...]