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To govern means leading a political party. Bernie has now failed that test. Yesterday, the morning after taking the podium at the Democratic National Convention to endorse  Hillary Clinton, Bernie told reporters that he will revert to being  an independent when he returns to the Senate. When as[...]

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Trump Won’t Release His Taxes, Says Top Aide “It has nothing to do with Russia,” campaign chairman Paul Manafort said. Share HUFFINGTONPOST.COM[...]

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Trumpisms: Mr. T Requests More Support from Putin

Donald Trump Challenges Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are… Share NYTIMES.COM|BY ASHLEY PARKER[...]

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When The Media Hype Emails

Why the D.N.C. E-Mails Aren’t Scandalous – The New Yorker The e-mails toppled the Party chairwoman, and offer a useful window into what’s likely to be an increasingly common scenario. NEWYORKER.COM|BY JEFFREY TOOBIN  [...]

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BERTHA POLITICS: Seattle Does Not Have a Political Machine

Dan Jacoby  FACEBOOK Having moved from the Empire State to the Evergreen State almost five years ago, I quickly noticed something about the difference in political machines. That difference is most notable in my Facebook feeds this week from people in Philadelphia. Pretty much every delegate from N[...]

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Seattle’s Black Bigotry

Ian Eisenberg This is my neighbor in the CD. “A good Christian.” I am supposed to respect him because it is his “culture” and all cultures are equal. I am sorry but bigoted haters like him scare and disgust me far more than Trump. IMHO this ugly, ignorant hater is on a far wo[...]