Commentary by Chinazor: The Nigerian Porsche

Bisi Ezerioha (born January 6, 1972) a.k.a. Ndubisi Ezerioha,  designs and builds his own engine and he drives the cars he puts them in- no. He races the cars he puts them in. He knows every detail about mechanical engineering as well as chemical engineering. If I may toot my horn here, I have the same drive to take something from concept to product but I haven’t achieved success at it but I ain’t giving up. No way! Ndubuisi, meaning, life is vital in Igbo has just reawakened my zeal and I’m quite sure after a spell of the bastardization of black lives, this is quite reassuring.

  • Capture “the Garage Way” is a full length movie about Ndubisi, featuring the 771hp Bisimoto Twin Turbo 911. The Bisimoto 911 blurs the lines between classic beauty and modern technology by modifying a 1976 wide-body Porsche Carrera. The latest in performance electronics, a custom water cooled twin turbo powerplant, and a 6-speed 997 gearbox were utilized to create the ultimate “road race inspired” street monster. The goal of the build was to combine the best 911 elements of the old, with the new. Success was achieved: exploration of the strengths of a unique powerplant, drivetrain and chassis combination.”

Born of Nigerian parents, Father, Dr. Emesia Ezerioha holds bachelor’s degrees in Earth sciences and Geology from California State University, Los Angeles, Master’s degrees in Earth Science and Economics and a doctorate in International Marketing. Their son,  Ndubisi, attended the Anambra State University of Technology at the age of 15 to study Petrochemical Engineering.  After a year of studies in West Africa, Ezerioha transferred to Cerritos College and graduated with Honors in Applied and Natural Science associate degrees, and finally obtaining a Chemical Engineering bachelors and Engineering Management degrees from California State University, Long Beach.

After a decade of pharmaceutical research and sales, he opened an engineering firm, Bisimoto Engineering, focusing on design, manufacturing and sales of high performance parts for motorsports. Ezerioha’s accolades include the most powerful naturally aspirated sohc honda engines on the planet involving the D16A6, D15B7, F22A, F18A and D16Z6.[2] His escapades now expand to the turbocharged market with a 700 hp 1.6L sohc powered Honda civic wagon, 533 hp LEA1 1.5L CR-Z hybrid, a 1000+hp Honda Civic Si, a 602whp Hyundai Elantra GT, and many high HP twin turbocharged Porsche 911s.


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