Chris Goodwin on Trump

 For the record, I have never considered myself political unless “They are all liars and thieves” was a political movement. But having a 13 year old child gives me a new perspective. While it is true that Trump is an embarrassing shit-dumpster of a human being and a garbage fire of a politician, a shit father and husband, a cheat as a businessman and a privileged silver spoon ass masturbating vomit sack Jabba the Hut fuck weasel, if the American people want him, I’d say “have at it, coddle his shriveled balls, and enjoy yourselves” but this human excrement bubble will be in a position to appoint those who will make decisions during the formative career years of my child, during her time in school and effecting her life choices. WTF America, is this what it has come to? The final embarrassment? Fucking set it on fire and play a fiddle, let the 1% run off with everything leaving the people to rebuild, have a huge volcanic eruption, fucking go out like a proud culture, not whimpering as we are ass fucked into oblivion by a cheeto-faced shit sack!

Sorry, it’s my Tourettes again…..

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