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Russia Denies Responsibility for Dirty Tricks at Dem. Convention

Lavrov Dismisses Claims Moscow Behind Democrats’ Email Hack   Trump Credits One Of ‘Our Friends’ In Russia, China With DNC Hack   BY KATHERINE KRUEGER Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday brushed aside accusations that Moscow was behind the hacking of Democratic[...]

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The week Turkish government closed down a total of 15 universities.

Dear Colleagues, The week Turkish government closed down a total of 15 universities.   There are 165 universities in Turkey; 103 of them are public, 62 are private.  All the universities that have been closed down are private.  The government has stated that the students  will be placed in othe[...]

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I am in awe


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LOOK, BERNIE IS GREAT.  He has emerged a leader we ALL need. But his followers got some growin up to do.  Making up BS (the smelly kind without white hair) about Hillary is as bad as anything the TRUMPIES do: No, there was no DNC effort to undermine BS. If you read the leaked memos, […][...]

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Scott Auden Hillary Clinton does not inspire me, but I’m absolutely horrified by the Goebbels-type “big lie” here. thousands and thousands of “conservatives” have taken as an article of faith that she belongs in prison, or worse, and is all manner of horrible: generally[...]

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What HAS Hillary done?


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Commentary by Chinazor: The Nigerian Porsche

Bisi Ezerioha (born January 6, 1972) a.k.a. Ndubisi Ezerioha,  designs and builds his own engine and he drives the cars he puts them in- no. He races the cars he puts them in. He knows every detail about mechanical engineering as well as chemical engineering. If I may toot my horn here, I have the[...]

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Chris Goodwin on Trump

Christopher Goodwin  For the record, I have never considered myself political unless “They are all liars and thieves” was a political movement. But having a 13 year old child gives me a new perspective. While it is true that Trump is an embarrassing shit-dumpster of a human being and a [...]

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A setpiece debate: District 7 candidates give librul answers

One reason that politics has become money is the lack of any content in the media. This isn’t a debate. It is boring theater made up from preset questions followed by utterly programmed talking points ……  grand issues everyone agrees on but not a nod to issues specific to this Con[...]

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Happy Anniversary, Havi and Chris!