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DNC BREAKING NEWS: Donna Brazil steps in as DNC chair

Temporary?  Maybe but awesome![...]

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Marko Liias for State Treasurer


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NIGERIA; Not Enough Money To Buy Brides

NIGERIA Cash crunch hits mass weddings in northern Nigeria Under the matchmaking scheme, Kano state pays the bride price and provides furniture and household utensils for the newlyweds. But the government no longer has enough money.[...]

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Trumpisms: Trump is a Trumpy


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I’m going to propose that one person be added to the list of convention speakers this week. Bringing this person in to speak to the delegates – and the nation – would be the ultimate F#@% You! to the entire Republican Party. That person is Jimmy Carter.  … Dan Jacoby  FACEBOOK[...]

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Seattle: $15,000,000 house with $3000 in Taxes?

Just listed and down the street from my house.   Redfin says the taxes are less than mine!  My wife insisted  this must be an error .. but she looked it up.  The assessed value on the house is $2 million. The taxable value $0 ![...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS:RNC Pastor and Rabbi Give Hate Filled Benedictions at Trump Convention


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Hamas Sings

Hamas Music Video Promotes TerrorHamas music video: “We want the dead to fill the streets, and the blood to intensify the pain”. Signers yearn to “roast” Jewish flesh. And the world wonders why there is no peace.(H/t Arutz Sheva News) Posted by Every State For Israel on Tuesd[...]