What a Trumpy Looks LIke

Cecil Ryan TrumoyCecil Ryan FACEBOOK
I have to testify. Although it could be possible to disassociate yourself….I guess. I must say in my mind it is very hard/ no, no let’s not kid ourselves. You can’t be Christian and Democrat;. To be a Democrat you have to sign off on their platform. Yo u have to accept Hillary Clinton. She has blood on her hands and blood moneyu in bank . She is an active promoter of Planned Parenthood. I’m getting writer ‘s cramp . S he wants your guns , your freedom, and your job. So take a look a t this mis aligned party. A party that only included God in their platform because of a huge outcry.

The Republicans are not any better . We really need to take our country back. Put God first , get a job and raise your own children. Do not send them to the public schools. Our government has been hi jacked.

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