Commentary by Francis: Could The Libertarians Govern?

 Francis Jacobson FACEBOOK
 I read,  that 60% or more Americans wish the choice was not between Trump and Clinton. This got me thinking about the Libertarian Party candidates. Now some people who like neither choice still won’t vote Libertarian, but I think it would be a good option to do so unless you are Trump true-believer.

First, the Obama years should have reminded us that the president can be completely powerless if he does not have a cooperating Congress. In short, we expect too much from one person. He or she has no magic wand.

Second, if Hilary Clinton is elected it’s just going to be a disastrous circus with the House trying to impeach her as soon as she takes the oath. Do we really want to go through a repeat of what we just went through?

Third, a hands off Libertarian approach would be a reminder of the importance of subsidiarity. Our country (which is not a nation) is made of such a diverse and contentious lot that only local solutions with greater local autonomy can effectively solve any problem.

Fourth, the Libertarians will get us out of these disastrous military adventures and won’t likely commit atrocious human rights violations which Mr. Trump is apparently eager to do.

Again, the Trump true-believer should vote for Mr. Trump because his ideas are unique. The non Trump supporter may view him with a trepidation rarely seen in American politics, but they will have to take that up with the true-believer.

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