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TURKEY … sign the petition

Open Letter to the Elected President of Turkey As one who has looked to Turkey as evidence that a democratic Islam could prosper, giving others the chance to learn all that is good in what the Prophet taught .. As one who is proud that my ancestors lived in Andalus in its golden age ,, […][...]

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NYC’s 2 hero cops

Last night, a guy (who appears in the video to be white) threw a package into a patrol car. The 2 cops in the patrol car, thinking it was a bomb, clutched it and sped away to keep the explosion away from a crowd of innocent bystanders. The bomb was a hoax, but the 2 […][...]

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Chris Goodwin’s first animation! 

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Why Ted Cruz Refused to Endorse Trump


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Comment by SMS: I Side with Ben Carson on Transgender Rights

The issue ought not to be what what gender is somehow given by God,  by birth or even by choice.  The real issue should be the how can we balance the right of privacy against our respect for differences?  There are very obvious ways to solve the real problems of BOTH privacy and access to [&helli[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: This woman is a track star from?

 A. Egypt B. India C. Germany D. Nigeria E. Israel[...]

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Want a calm, dispassionate, academic insight into the presidential race?

David Brewster How about some calm, dispassionate, academic insight into the presidential race? Here’s the take from Congress-scholar David Mayhew on Trump’s many predecessors, key races, and the subtle point that the real contest is 2018 when the president in office loses a lot of seats[...]

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Fifth Anniversary of Last Landing of Space Shuttle


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TRUMP’s Party show guests


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