Isn't there a simle answer? I had a similar onslaught last year when I went for my passport. A uniformed fedearl cop, a member of a smeit secret orgnaization that is nto subject to poubic revciew, acosted me becuase I had a small knife on me. Though I gave it to the security people, at the inspection site, they wnated me to leave it on adwontown street. Weh I refised tpo fo that and askef or my clel phone back ..they had taken that too .. these oggons showed up. I found there was (ans is) owe ay to file a complaint.

Isn’t there a simple answer? Why are the police not subject to he same laws as everyone else.  Assault is assault?I had a similar assault last year when I went for my passport. A uniformed federal cop, a member of a semi  secret organization that is not subject to pubic review because it is related to the immigration service, accosted me because I had a small knife on me as I was passing through security. Though I had freely given the knife to the security people at the inspection site, the thug cops wanted me to leave it on downtown street. I refused do  that because that part of Seattle is not all that safe, another person in the line agreed to leave and take the knife with him.  The gestapo refused.  I also asked for my cell phone back ..they had taken that too .. so I could ask the Seattle cops what to do with the knife that was safe.  My goons cuffed me and roughed me up.  I found there was (and is) no way to file a complain against these federalistas.

Video of a teen being punched and tasered by police at a shopping mall is quickly going viral and raising tough questions.
The young woman is seen struggling with officers before being taken to the ground and tasered. But did police go too far? Or did she? A close look at the violent arrest – T

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