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Trump’s strange attraction to noxious dictators

Why is Trump so fond of bloodthirsty tyrants? Donald Trump seems to have a thing for murderous dictators. Maybe it’s because he worships raw power? Anyway, Mother Jones has catalogued some of the thugs and strongmen The Donald admires, and notes his top political operative earned serious bucks[...]

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GOP picks soap opera queen to run its convention

“When the Republican National Convention’s rules committee convenes Wednesday to debate the parameters for selecting the party’s candidate for president, moderating the chaos will be Enid Green Mickelsen, the committee’s chair, whom the National Review recently described as &[...]

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DALLAS: GWB’s Weird Dance


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What next? Will the Seattle Yacht Club put on blackface to celebrate Juneteenth?

Seattle Yacht Club Dons Faux-Native Costumes for Annual “Potlatch” Reotsed from ERICACBARNETT‘s blog, The C is for Crank The Seattle Yacht Club, a nearly 125-year-old pleasure-boating group that hosts events around the region, recently held its annual “Potlatch” event on Bainbridge I[...]

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DALLAS: Black Surgeon Explains Why Cops Lives AND Black Lives Matter