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Republican Patriots Prepare for Convention


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How Newt Gingrich could become president.

It’s easier and more likely than you think. Speculation is growing that Donald Trump (a) may choose Newt Gingrich as his running mate, and (b) isn’t serious about becoming president and might bow out after being elected (read that story here). This would make Newt Gingrich the next Presi[...]

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2,000 sign Wharton letter saying Trump unfit

Wharton School is one of America’s top business schools. Drumpf brags about his B.A. in economics from there (Class of ’68). (Note: He does not have Wharton’s prestigious MBA, only an undergraduate degree in real estate studies.) Today, Wharton released a letter signed by 2,000 of its professo[...]

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From the protests, an iconic image

“This is the work of God. I am a vessel.” — Ieshia Evans She was arrested and spent the night in jail. Read story here.[...]

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David Brewster: How to make the Lt Gov Useful

David Brewster The Seattle Times editorial board harshly criticizes Cyrus Habib , who is running for lieutenant governor, for his “loopy” idea that the president of the Senate, a lieutenant governor’s role, could refuse to sign bills that are unconstitutional. What gives? Habib is [...]

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Mao’s Red Book Reborn

(Xinhua) — Party officials, lawmakers and media have called for unwavering conformity with top leader Xi Jinping, ahead of the country’s major political meetings, known collectively as the “two sessions.” Faithfulness to the core leadership of the Party is characterized by st[...]

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Due Process at the University Of Washington

 Paul Yager Professor,  Bioengineering    Dear Colleagues; I and my laboratory members have been talking about nothing but the Katze case for well over 24 hours now.  This case is both infuriating and humiliating—perhaps the worst in my 29 years at UW.   I think we are angry about two t[...]