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Imperial China

China warns US on sovereignty ahead of South China Sea ruling – Xinhua Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative image of the centre portion of the Subi Reef runway. WASHINGTON (Reuters) : China’s foreign minister spoke with U.S. Secretar[...]

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Summer Racism


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David Brewster: When The Opera Costs Too Much

David Brewster That magnificent opera house in Oslo, sloping down to the water, is in financial trouble. The saga illustrates again the peril of smashing architecture for cultural institutions: high costs, dominated by tourists, swollen staffs. Financial drama grips the Opera Playing out behind the [...]

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Tea Partier responds to Dallas carnage


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Conservative initiatives fail to reach Washington ballot

Hallelujah! For the first time in decades, Washington voters won’t see rightwing initiatives on their ballots this fall. Is their vaunted initiative machinery falling apart? It appears so. Tim Eyman conceded he failed to qualify anything for this year’s ballot, and backers of an anti-tra[...]

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Police: Lone sniper responsible for Dallas carnage

Downtown Dallas became a war zone Thursday night when a sniper shooting from a building opened fire on police working a Black Lives Matter demonstration, killing 5 cops and wounding 7 more. Two civilians were also wounded. Police killed the shooter early Friday morning, after an hours-long standoff,[...]

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140th Anniversary of The End of Reconstruction

BLACK THEN: HAMBURG MASSACRE OF 1876: ALL-BLACK COMMUNITY RACE RIOT AGAINST WHITE TOWNSPEOPLE 1 POSTED BY JAE JONES РAPRIL 7, 2016 РLATEST POSTS, RECONSTRUCTION The Hamburg Massacre of 1876 was a race riot between community’s Black militia and white residents from the surrounding rur[...]

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BUCHENWALD 128: After Liberation

A major reason for my effort to preserve my father’s heritage is my hope that survivors will remember my father and that memory wilk add a bit to the work of scholars like Ken Waltzer who are trying to resopnstruct the story of Buchenwald. From Ken’s post on FACEBOOK: Many Buchenwald boy[...]