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Washington’s tough public records law has real consequences

Another Washington State county is paying big bucks for a public records screwup. In 1972, Washington voters enacted Initiative 276, the forerunner of today’s Public Records Act (PRA), the state-level version of the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This law requires public agencies t[...]

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Scientists Discover Schmooballs

There is already a name for this .. the schmoo. This borders on the silly things rich folks who do not understand science (aka Bill Gates for this one) spend money on.   First, to be truly free of animal sources, the medium used to grow the cells that make this meat would need to […][...]

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Another GOP Wild Clinton Chase Ends Nowhere

FBI recommends no criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in email probe USA Today on · 42 minutes ago FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that while investigators found Clinton ‘extremely careless,’ they did not find evidence of intentional wrongdoing. Jonathan Zasloff FACE[...]

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Author Hood In Haiti, The Baby

She’s 22, I’m 70 — she says it’s my baby… now what? Love, like, sex, youth, gerontology, gynecology, urology, and irresponsible responsibility: a Haitian who-dun-it I found recently that at least one of my Facebook friends has not bothered to click through to my series about my [...]