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How to make peace in Israel/Palestine

Maybe we need to confine Abu Mazen and Bibi to a small boat, set it adrift with thirty days food and not rescue them until they agree to call for help or starve. Abbas refusing to condemn terror surge, ‘not taking calls’ from world statesmen PA leader said to fear Israel about to take punitive [[...]

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The Two (lady) Wonk Presidency

To the extent that Hillary values Elizabeth Warren’s knowledge base – and she seems to – that will be the basis of any authority or influence a Vice President Warren will  have. Jonathan Zasloff  FACEBOOK For me, the touchstone of whether Warren should be on the ticket turns on[...]

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This took place in 2009 and was a religious procession, at the end of the procession they gather in prayer. The image is not Jesus at all but depict Imam Hussain, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, who was killed and beheaded at the Battle of Karbalaa in Karbalaa, Iraq in 680. He is renown [&hell[...]

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GMO Tags! on THE Ave


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THE-Ave Challenge “What are they”

A.  Baby crabs from “Encounter on Triton” B. Hawaiian dinner treat C. Invasive pets from Samoa D. Scene form Japanese horror movie, “The Crabs” E. Photoshop of stone crabs  and a dog.[...]

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From China: A Tribute to Freedom


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BUCHENWALD 127: Elie Wiesel Will Never See MY Dad’s Photographs

My heart is broken.  Elie Wiesel is dead. Most of my life Elie Weisel was a second sun … a bright star in  the solar system, a star that served as a center of gravity when this post-Holocaust world seemed too flawed to be endured. Elie’s death hurts so much more because my own fight s[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Christianity Emulates ISIS?

WOO HOO! African state of Angola bans Islam and will destroy all the mosques By popular demand, Angolan authorities have taken pre-emptive action and decided to ban the Muslim religion, which they consider a cult, NOT a religion. They see… BARENAKEDISLAM.COM[...]