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Islamo terrorism in Bangladesh

Hindu priest hacked to death in Bangladesh HAROON HABIB The Hindu A Hindu priest has been hacked to death in Bangladesh’s Jhenaidah on Friday, the latest in a series of attacks on religious minorities by suspected Islamists. Three weeks ago, another Hindu priest was killed in similar way in the sa[...]

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Elie Weisel, 1928 – 2016

“There may have been better chroniclers who evoked the hellish minutiae of the German death machine. There were arguably more illuminating philosophers. But no single figure was able to combine Mr. Wiesel’s moral urgency with his magnetism.” — Seattle Times[...]

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Trumpies Attack Elizabeth Warren

As the movement for Elizabeth Warren to be Vice President moves on, Trumpie and former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown,  attacked Warren’s past claim of having Native American heritage. The Republican claims that Warren fabricated her ethnic background to gain an employment advantage. Warren[...]

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Chinazore: Nigeria

Chinazor Onianwah This man sums up the frustration of many Nigerians. They are not buying into Buhari’s war on corruption. None of the accused individuals have been charged to court. Meanwhile many are detained and forced to to give up money in their possession. This is simply thuggery and not[...]

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Cindy Greenstein Vaughn· Denver, CO Yiddish was the secret code, therefore I don’t farshtaist, A bisseleh maybe here and there, the rest has gone to waste. Sadly when I hear it now, I only get the gist, My Bubbeh spoke it beautifully; but me, I am tsemisht. So och un vai as I should say, [&he[...]