Why Democrats Lose in WASTATE

Tony Ventrella Drops Out of Race Against Reichert

Friends and family. I hope this day finds you well. In recent months I have sought your support for my candidacy for congress. I am grateful for those who came forward as volunteers and contributors. For my campaign manager Huy, I am most grateful. He took on a task that I personally turned into an up hill battle because of my distaste for the obscene amount of money flying around campaigns these days.
We didn’t take money from special interests. We refused to pander to any group just for the hope of getting a few dollars from them. We didn’t play by the rules. We also didn’t raise enough money to keep going. I’m fine with that. The game is played a certain way and I don’t like the rules. There a many good people trying to win elections. Playing the money game doesn’t make one a bad person it just makes a good person perpetuate a bad game. I hope someday that elections will be based on the quality of the candidate and not the amount of money that candidate raises. When that day comes, we will begin to move ahead as a country. I will not continue my run for congress in the 8th CD this year or any future year. I will continue my quest to get big money out of politics. Please consider all the other candidates, give them a fair chance and vote based on their qualifications not their campaign bank accounts. Thank you all. God Bless my supporters and those who did not support me.

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  1. Cecil #

    Now there is a man I could probably get behind. Of course, his abhorrence to campaign big finance is only one talking point. How does he feel about free speech?

  2. theaveeditor #

    And he lost out to a man whose main talent is a haircut.