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Over the top, 100 years ago today

The first day of the Somme, July 1, 1916, was the blackest day in the history of the British Army. The battle has passed from living memory; no one is left to bear witness. But it lives in history as arguably the most iconic battle of the Great War, symbolizing for all time the terrible […][...]

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THE-Ave Challenge

A. Chief of Cherokee Band, Tulsa Oklahoma B.  Symbol of the Washington Redskins football team. C. Zema Wlliams, “Chief Redman” in Mel Brooks upcoming remake of “Blazing Saddles” D. Sarah Palin’s companion in her “travel With Sarah Through America” TV Speci[...]

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Why Democrats Lose in WASTATE

Tony Ventrella Drops Out of Race Against Reichert Friends and family. I hope this day finds you well. In recent months I have sought your support for my candidacy for congress. I am grateful for those who came forward as volunteers and contributors. For my campaign manager Huy, I am most grateful. [...]

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Nate Silver’s first 2016 electoral vote prediction

In 2008, Nate Silver called 49 states correctly; in 2012, he got all 50 states right. It’s still too early for polls to be very reliable, but this is how 2016 looks to him right now: Clinton 353, Trump 183, Johnson 1, with 270 needed to win. In the popular vote, Clinton has 48%, Trump [&hellip[...]

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Native Americans protest Redskins’ name


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Trumpism and Brexit

I think everyone is missing the underlying issue in Brexit … we may be in the end stages of democracy itself. Trotsky and Lenin predicted this ..that democracy depended on the education of the masses, media and education.   We see this now in the corporate state ..China Inc. The Xi government[...]