Warren for VEEP, Kennedy for Senate!



Warren seems to me to be the best possible choice as Hillary’s Veep. But, who would replace her in the Senate?
The issue is not just that Mass. has a Republican Governor,  Charlie Baker.  That term would be short in Mass. because of state laws about by elections. … unless the Dems fail to find a super strong successor to this popular Warren.  I all too well remember Scott Brown!
There is a fortunate answer.  Right now the  Bay State is a mother lode of political talent. And  this list wouldn’t be complete without Joe Kennedy, 35, who entered Congress in early 2013, in the seat previously occupied by Barney Frank.

If Jeb Bush’s early demise in the 2016 primaries doesn’t signal a spent appetite for dynasties, then Kennedy — the son of a congressman and the grandson of Bobby Kennedy — could be going places. Democrat after Democrat told me that he’s the real deal, industrious and intelligent, with as much raw talent as pedigree.

He studied engineering at Stanford, where he roomed with Jason Collins, who would later be the first active pro basketball player to come out as gay. He then served two years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic — he speaks fluent Spanish — before attending Harvard Law. His political career was preceded by work as a prosecutor.

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