Knute: What the Norwegians Think About Brexit

KnuteKnut Robert Knutsen It’s a split. There are some of the classic “No to EU” crowd that are ecstatic. Both on the right and the left.

On the far right it’s because they hate the EU. Not the cheap goods and labour or being able to retire to sunny Spain- many North Europeans retire to Spain and Greece the way Americaqns retire to Florida – but refugees and being restrained from going too far right.

Moderates oppose the EU because they’re the parties of farming and other rural concerns who find the pressure brought to bear on the price of farm goods and the like unbearable, also there are some national romantic concerns and a scepticism of the free trade and movement of people.

On the far left they oppose the EU because it is too focused on union busting and keeping refugees out.

There is a Labour/ Classic Conservative moderate core in Parliament that is Pro-EU mainly as a tool for peace and co-operation.

Just like in the UK, there is a large group on the far right who want to leave the EU to keep refugees out or get away from them being redistributed here. And also, just like in the UK, there is a large faction on the left who want to leave the EU so they can take in many more refugees,

I think that part is undercommunicated, because the MPs for Labour (the Left) in UK are all Pro-Remain, whereas a lot of the grass roots are opposed to the EU for pushing too many politically right wing fiscal policies.

I’m sure there were quite a few who actually voted Brexit because they think current UK and EU immigration policy is too strict. As a rebuke of the Turkey compromise.

This is part opf why I think they need to also take the question to the people in a General Election, because there is no clear negotiation mandate and the current Parliament is 75% Pro-Remain and can’t be expected to be whipped that heavily into voting against their consiences and what they actually got voted in on.

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