SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Extinction of humans.

 In a time where people loosely use the word “genocide.” The story here is of the ultimate genocide .. the complete elimination of a branch of the human tree. Somewhere in all those now lost genomes were the genetics that would have made the next great thinker, artist, athlete, or political leader.

Humans did not come from Adam and Eve. Modern biology tells us this could never have happened, because a species only survive because it has diversity.  Nor did our wonderful geographic diversity, what racists call “races,” come from Japeth, Han, Yam and and Shem, the sons of Noah.  What we see as racial diversity reflects the genetics of the few hundreds or thousands of African ancestors who first looked and thought like us. These ancestors, probably looking like the hottentots in the images below,  bred with each other and with proto humans who were not yet quite modern. Their children evolved, becoming our species. These first humans migrated around the Earth, adapting, interbreeding with other early human species such as the Neanderthal,  and evolving as evolution celebrated and expanded the diversity of an expanding species. 

 As a Jew I feel especially strongly abut this because I’m so proud of the contributions my own people have made to humanity. Imagine how much poorer you would be without Jesus, Hillel, Maimonides, Spinoza, Einstein, Marx …. All of this would have been lost if the Christians had been successful in there repeated efforts to exterminate us to the last “drop of blood.”

We, the Jews, are just one people who have come close to extinction. The oldest humans

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of all, the ‘ksan of South Africa ..the people the Christian colonialists called the 

k'san woman

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“Hottentots”.. have for all practical purposes now become an extinct lineage. How can humans not feel grief at the genetic diversity we have lost?

These lost humans are just one part of the outgrowth of racism, a concept created only 800 years ago by Christians to justify their efforts to exterminate the Jews of Spain. That concept justified not only African slavery and extermination of the Native Americans but the near extermination of the oldest people on Earth, the ‘ksan of South Africa. All in the name of a mythical idea that there are human races and that some races are superior to others.
Today we should recognize “White man’s burden” as a scar on Christian history greater than the burden born by any other human institution.


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