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Slur of the Day

Polack a Pole or a person of Polish origin,[150] from the Polish endonym, Polak (see Name of Poland). Note: the proper Swedish demonym for Polish people is polack[151] and the Norwegian equivalent is polakk.[152][...]

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The Good Old Days!


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Denver ..what Seattle ought to be?

David Brewster Is Denver the next hot city in the West? It’s got advantages over the Bay Area and Seattle, particularly in affordability and transit. This story tells how Denver decided on regional cooperation to avoid boom-and-bust cycles and to get a comprehensive transit system built. The k[...]

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Campaign situation report


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Chinazor: In defence of Polygamy

Chinazor Onianwah shared Bittersweet Uganda‘s video. As long as they were not coerced and they have a good education, and of sane mind, and not subject to abuse and are capable of earning and keeping their own income, I’d say this union is triple blessed. There is strength in numbers. A [...]

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The Seeds Of Bigotry

I don’t wonder what she grew up to be. She is a ghoul and she grew up to be a taller ghoul. I don’t need to watch vampires on the tube. Too many of them in real life! Adrian Patrick FACEBOOK  Indoctrinating Evil: Young White Girl Smiling at Hanging Black Man …I Wonder What She Gr[...]