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Buchenwald 125: The children survive.

Many Buchenwald boys who went to Palestine enlisted in the Palmach and fought in Israel’s War of Independence. This is one story. Ken Waltzer FACEBOOK Yet another Buchenwald boy who went to British Mandate Palestine and fought in the Palmach-Majer Fruchter, b. 1927, Cresunesti, Romania. F[...]

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Chris Goodwin: Letter from my child’s school principal:

Chris Goodwin: FACEBOOK Dear ******* Families, We took a moment during our announcements this morning to remember the victims of the Orlando attacks. Unfortunately, our students are becoming increasingly aware of events of large scale violence, but I hope that we can use these moments as teaching op[...]

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Hillary won DC. So by current count Hillary Clinton has won: 2214 pledged delegates (a majority), 15,796,181 votes (3,742,069 more than her closest competitor), 34 of 57 caucuses and primaries (a majority), and the support of 581 of 714 unpledged delegates (a majority). There are no more primaries [...]

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Rainbow appears over Orlando club

Witnesses said the rainbow appeared to rise from the Pulse Club into the sky.  [...]

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Preacher praises murders of 50 “pedophiles”

“Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?” he said in the sermon. “Um — no — I think that’s great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight.” — Pastor Roger Jimenez “A Sacramento Baptist preacherR[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Russians Hacked DNC, Stole Oppo Research on Trump

What will the Donald do?[...]

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Does WSU have an extra billion dollars to pay for its medical school?

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News’ editorial board rightly called the university’s reliance on tuition dollars a “monumental pyramid scheme.” A year After Washington State University decided to spend hundreds of millions on a medical school for the sole purpose of competing with the UW Medical S[...]

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Guns, Guns, and moe Guns

Christopher Goodwin FACEBOOK A friend posted this meme and said that it was in reaction to people going on about how the Orlando shooting should inspire gun control. Well I looked into each of these, each was racially motivated and while the numbers are grossly exaggerated, as much as four times, t[...]