Chinazor: From Ali to Nigeria

This past week, the world witnessed the celebration of the funeral of the most popular person in the world, Muhamed Ali, who was a devout Muslim. if Islam needed a good image, no one alive could have done a better job and he is gone. And soon after his funeral, a Muslim terrorist showered us with his version of Islam, which is fueled by hate. He makes mockery of what Muslims say is a faith of peace and mercy. Lately we haven’t been seeing any peace and mercy coming out of Islam, not even from Saudi Arabia where weekly, spectators are treated to a dose of public executions for crimes that imprisonment would have been enough even for blaspheme and apostasy.

It is against this backdrop that I engage a beautiful intelligent Chinazor Onianwah's photo.woman,Kulchumi Umar, who converted from Islam to Chritianity and she lives in Adamawa, a region of Nigeria within reach of Boko Haram. Since the implementation of Sharia Law by Muslim dominated regions of Nigeria, in 2000, over 600,000 of the faithful have converted to Christianity and most of them are educated young women such as Kulchumi Umar and she is paying a steep price for her act- her family has disowned her. She was raised in a polygamous family of three wives and 15 siblings none of whom interacts with her now.

I hereby extend an invitation to you, friends to join me in this interview. For more information on Islam in Nigeria, please read my blog post on the subject at

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