Why Trump wants the job

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Trump only has a staff of 70 with no campaign office compared to Hillary Clinton with a staff of 700 and offices in the 50 states. Folks, let me break it down to where the goat can reach it: DONALD TRUMP IS BROKE. This run for the White House is supposed to be a hustle to get a regular paying job ($400,000) per year. Most analysts had surmised that his hosting of the reality show was a gig to augment his income. This is proving to be the case. The fact that he won’t show his tax returns, and there are several people suing him for not paying salaries and attorneys suing him for not paying them for defending him in trials brought forward because DT couldn’t pay them. Whew! Keep it here folks. I have my ears to the ground.
A 1973 federal lawsuit provided an early look at the hardball tactics the GOP presidential front-runner has employed in business and, more recently, in politics.

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