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Rapist blames college party culture

“Brock Turner, the former Stanford University swimmer who was convicted last week of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus, blamed the ‘party culture’ of ‘college life’ for his actions,” ABC News reported; read story here. You’re probably lookin[...]

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Judge frees black kid railroaded by dishonest cops

Davontae Sanford was released from prison today after serving 9 years for 4 murders he didn’t commit. Sanford, who is developmentally disabled, was only 14 when he was arrested, interrogated without an attorney, and coerced into confessing. Even though a drug dealers’ hit man confessed t[...]

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Cops are the new cash card thieves

We’re all a little nervous about our credit cards. A thief’s card scanner could be lurking in almost any ATM, gas pump, or a sales clerk’s or waiter’s pocket. In Oklahoma, these thieves wear police uniforms and use a new technology called “ERAD” that allows them t[...]

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Trump’s anti-semitic following

“Donald Trump himself has expressed absolutely no interest in opening concentration camps for Jews, should he win the presidency. The white nationalist far-right has decided, though, that Trump will advance its interests.” — Jeffrey Goldberg   Best explanation I’ve seen so f[...]

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CHINAZOR:Buhari and Cancer

Chinazor Onianwah The first casualty of information is falsehood. In a culture, Nigeria, where any form of illness is considered failure, it becomes more appealing to deny or obfuscate there is an illness. When a loved one dies of heart attack, rather than say heart attack was the cause of death, yo[...]

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UW vs Seattle: UW to Destroy a Seattle Landmark

 IN THE SHADOW OF THE FIGHT OVER KPLU A few months ago the UW decided to buy out KPLU, a  popular radio station that competed with the UW’s named station, KUOW. A public outrage stopped the buyout and rescued KPLU. Next week the UW will send backhoes and bulldozers to tear down a historic b[...]

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What if Trump drops out?

A CNBC senior political correspondent warns Democrats in this article they’d better have a Plan B ready in case Hillary’s November opponent isn’t Donald Trump. Trump, he says, “is accustomed to unflagging support, idol worship and winning.” But now, with the early adul[...]

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David Brewster Here’s a clarifying story in the Washington Post about the myths associated with gentrification. Examples: crime goes up in gentrifying neighborhoods; it’s not purely a white thing; changes for the better are largely welcomed by residents, making them less likely to move a[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: Name The Race

A. Black B. White C. Maori D. Jewish E. Hindu[...]