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Expect to see more ads like this one


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SHOCK: Early voting shows tonight might be the end of John McCain’s career in Senate Ward told Breitbart News: “After nearly four decades in DC,  Republicans are used to Establishment John’s six year cycle of election year conservatism. In between, he doesn’t know which team he’s [...]

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The Democratic race is over. NBC and AOL reported tonight that Hillary Clinton has surpassed a majority of delegates. Those she won in Puerto Rico Sunday plus new pledges of support from superdelegates have put her over the top. She’s now the Democratic presumptive nominee.[...]

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Not thinking big enough

It’s been widely reported, in recent months, that black people, who were and continue to be disproportionately affected by anti-marijuana laws, are now being excluded from the growing legalized pot industry. In Seattle, this reality combined with growing frustrations over the gentrification of[...]

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Hypocrisy and Gender

High School Boy Wins All-State Honors In Girls Track And Field High school girls in Alaska are crying foul after a male sprinter took home all-state honors in girls’ track and field. According to local reports, it was the first time in Alaskan history that a ma DAILYCALLER.COM[...]

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Buy Native! Support Native owned businesses Eighth  Generation is a Native-owned and operated company based in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 2008 when Louie Gong (Nooksack/Chinese/French/Scottish) — a Native artist, activist and educator widely known for merging traditional Coast Salish [...]

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Is this real?

           YES           NO[...]

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THE Ave Challenge

Where was this picture taken?  A.  Athens, Georgia B. New York  C. London D. Beirut  E. Moscow[...]

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TRUMPIES: A Dating Site Dedicated To Trump Supporters

Apparently it’s hard to find love if you support Donald Trump. That was the idea behind David Goss’s decision to launch, a dating website.  Trumpies describes itself as a website for all true Americans and sweet chicks. THEINTELLECTUALIST.CO[...]