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Trump pays female campaign staffers 1/3 less

“Donald Trump has paid men on his campaign staff one-third more than women, while Hillary Clinton has compensated men and women equally, according to a Globe analysis of payroll data for both campaigns. Trump’s campaign staff is also far less diverse than that of his likely Democratic oppon[...]

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Rebuilding Roots .. the hidden Jews

Descendants of Jews who were forcefully converted to Christianity  may number 100 to 150 million .. far more than the official number of Jews in today’s world.   A small part of the millions are the descendants of Hitler’s victims, Jewish children who were rescued by Christians, inclu[...]

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St. Reagan? 12 years since his death

It is now 2 years after the first  decade of mourning for Reagan the Great’s death. Gallup says he is ranked as the greatest American President. Perhaps this would be a good time to look for miracles? Reagan’s baptism as a Disciple of Christ religion ought not be an issue.  The rules [...]

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Trumpisms: on Brexit

Trump has previously said he believes the UK should leave the EU. Asked for his view on Brexit by Hollywood Reporter, in an interview published today, he repeated the claim after some prompting. “And Brexit? Your position?” I ask. “Huh?” “Brexit.” “Hmm.” “The Brits leaving the EU,[...]

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What happened to gold today?

See answer here.[...]

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Texas AG blocked fraud probe of Trump University, left bilked students in the cold

“Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton moved to muzzle a former state regulator who says he was ordered in 2010 to drop a fraud investigation into Trump University for political reasons. Paxton’s office issued a cease and desist letter to former Deputy Chief of Consumer Protectio[...]

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Islam saves Judaism from Destruction Under Christianity

Had Islam not come along, Jewry in the west would have declined to disappearance and Jewry in the east would have become just another oriental cult  By David J Wasserstein,  Eugene Greener Jr Professor of Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University. This article is adapted from last week’s Jorda[...]

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David Preston This is a story about a Lutheran minister in Seattle. The guy signed his name to documents saying that he was leasing some unused land in downtown Seattle for the purpose of putting a temporary homeless camp there. This conveniently saved the land owner – a millionaire real estate de[...]