Advice to Bernie, From A Jewish Fan

Ken Waltzer FACEBOOK
 Sound advice from Paul Berman. Sanders’ accomplishments have been to raise social democratic concerns in the race,

to push Hillary to be better than she is, and to mobilize a young constituency for democratic action. But Sanders has not been forthcoming about concrete, realistic policies, in my view, has marketed his ideas as a faux “political revolution,” which it is not, has typed Hillary as less than the reform policy wonk she is and has been, and has persuaded himself in the last month that he deserves the Democratic nomination without actually winning it. Yes, the campaign has gone to Bernie’s head, and his lowest moment was the recent dance with Trump about a debate – -Trump suckered the great socialist seer into sharing a platform with the nutball, and then was saved from doing so only because Trump wasn’t serious in the first place. Pulling your leg, Bernie…..

Dear Comrade Sanders: I’m not being sardonic. Your talk of socialism has been the best part of your campaign, even if you have been less than skillful at drawing the…

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