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Advice to Bernie, From A Jewish Fan

Ken Waltzer FACEBOOK  Sound advice from Paul Berman. Sanders’ accomplishments have been to raise social democratic concerns in the race, to push Hillary to be better than she is, and to mobilize a young constituency for democratic action. But Sanders has not been forthcoming about concrete, [...]

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538 on California: The Odds

According to 538’s analysis of the latest polls,  Hillary Clinton has a 96%chance of winning the California primary. Bernie’s chances are 12%.[...]

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80th Anniversary of First Edition of Superman


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90th Anniversary Tulsa Massacre


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Christian Arab Wins Israel’s Transgender Beauty Pageant

Israel’s first transgender beauty pageant, won by a Christian Arab on Friday, brought together contestants from the Holy Land’s main faiths in an unconventional show of tolerance and coexistence. In what organizers described as an ethnic “mosaic”, the 12 vying for the Miss Trans Israel 2016 [...]

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100 years since Brandeis Selected for Supreme Court

On June 1, 1916, the US Senate voted in favor of Brandeis’appointment by a 47-22 vote, making him the first Jewish Supreme Court justice. In 1913, anti-Semitic opposition prevented has blocked Wilson from appointing Brandeis as attorney-general. Former US president William Howard Taft opposed[...]