I am called a “capo”

Our name was Negri, meaning the N word until in Austria we became Schwartz.  Those Schwartzes who did not get to the US, became Nazi ashes.


CAPO Over on FACEBOOK, Dmitry V Vaysenberg has called me a capo for defending the freedom of speech of protesters calling for a boycott of Netanyahu and Lieberman’s far right, pro radical Christian Israel. Calling me a “capo” is a terrible insult. The capos were Jews who served the Nazis in the camps. The capos got a crust of bread in return for ushering other Jews into the ovens.

Over on FACEBOOK, Dmitry V Vaysenberg  has called me a capo’

My answer:

For any Jew not to celebrate the great freedoms wrought by the American founders is a shanda. Without the gifts of Jefferson, we .. the Jews .. could not have come here.  Those ideals also infected Europe.  Without those universal  ideals the European Jews would all either have ended up in the smoke of the Nazi furnaces or, for those who lived in Muslim lands, would at best still be beggars and Dhimmi.
My family .. on my Dad’s side,  came from Andalus in 1492, on the very last boat.  We fled for our right to be Jews. The boat was infected with plague and many died. Those who did not die ended up in the south of Italy, led by the Abravanels. We then fled the Church, first the French then the Milanese before coming to Austria and then here.
!!Our name was Negri, meaning the N word until in Austria we became Schwartz. We married into the Adlers.  Those Schwartzes and Adlers who did not get to the US, became Nazi ashes.
In Boston my Grandfather, a rabbi and a socialist, lost his life because Rabbi Schwartz refused to take alms, He worked as a roofer instead, while preserving the works of Abravanel.   My older uncle told stories of sitting with Rev Schwartz and other learned men in a kitchen in Cambridge Mass.  After Zadi fell of a roof and died, my grandmother worked as a scrub woman to support three kids. Rev. Schwartz’ books were buried in a Cambridge graveyard and are now lost.
My Dad and Mom, needing a home, did not want to live in the Boston ghetto. They moved into a lower class American neighborhood to make a point that Jews should be able to live anywhere in America.  Our lives were threatened. My classmates were talken out of school each day to get their catechism. The nuns taught that the Jews, we, had killed my God. I was stoned for killing Jesus.
My Dad sewed my scalp back together,
Before that, during WWII, my Dad gave the first medical care at Buchenwald. I have been fighting to preserve that heritage against my brother, someone who likely fits your epithets rather well since he seems not to care about either our Jewish or our family heritage.   Perhaps, given your horrible words, you should meet him? 
As for me, having grown up in an antisemitic neighborhood, I identified with other victims of racism .. my fellow African American students. I fought in the American Civil Rights movement and to this day celebrate the Mississippi 3.
Here in Seattle i have stood up for our people in ways you likely can not imagine. This city is so tolerant of Jews who want to be white that the Rabbi Levine of the largest Shul was teasing called “Archbishop Raphael”
So, yes, I am deeply offended by your calling me names. Who are you? Do you want Israel, the Israel of the Zionist ideals to survive? Do you even know of the heroism of Jews like Daniel Pearl and Samuel Gompers who fought for the rights of all people? Do you have any idea why it was European liberals like these American Jews who founded Israel?
Or are you someone who follows the ultra right Christians who talk of Judeo-Christianity. Are you, like Bibi a follower of John Hagee?
Do you really, rally want us to die so their God, the same Jesus I was stoned for killing, can come back and kill the rest of us as He ascends the throne?
Do you even know who the Mississippi 3 were?


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