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Let all who should vote, be allowed to vote.

Hillary Clinton Calls For Automatic, Universal Voter Registration WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton in a speech on Thursday called for universal, automatic voter registration, saying every citizen in the country should be a… HUFFINGTONPOST.COM[...]

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BUCHENWALD 123: Why Memories matter on Memorial Day

G.I.s Saved My Father from the Nazis The author Lev Raphael writes in Huff Post about his father. a Jew saved by the first Gis to See the reality of the Holocaust.  In early April 1945, my father was packed into a train with 2,500 other prisoners from Bergen-Belsen as the Nazis insanely tried to k[...]

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Tom Corbett Lands His First Rocket Ship!


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FORBES: Hillary did not abuse her email

State Department Report On Email Vindicates Clinton Rather Than Nails Her The inspector general’s report does not add any new charges or adverse facts. It also shows the handling of Clinton’s email was not out of line with her… READMORE about my experiences with government email. [...]