Chaos in Venezuela


While the American Presidential Campaign focuses on transgender bathrooms and mania over Bernie, no one is discussing the real issues of foreign policy in places like .. Venezuela. 

Once one of the richest and safest nations in Latin America, the Venezuelan government is falling  apart.  Lights flicker, medicines are scarce, lights flicker out daily, government work weeks are reduced to as little as two days, and food shortages fuel supermarket lines that snake around for blocks, Now vigilantes are replacing the police.

Roberto Bernal was a victim of these vigilantes.  The me had been robbed of cell phones, wallets and motorcycles over the years, and thought Bernal had a criminal’s face. He was running and that was enough for dozens of men loitering on the sidewalk next to a supermarket.  This people’s posse  kicked and punched the 42-year-old until he was bloodied and semi-conscious.  The mob went through Bernal’s pockets and handed a $5 of bills to an old man:Then they  doused with  gasoline and flicked a lighter.

And they stood back as he burned alive.


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