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Bernie Loses WASTATE to Hillary

Bernie BS: 54 HRC to 46 BS For the last several weeks the Washington State Bernieoids have been qvelling that our super delegates must vote for the “will of the people.” This vote is a huge indictment of the caucus system here.  In the caucuses, Bernie beat Hillary and took 75% of th[...]

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Trump’s solution to global warming

  Trump has hired a pastor who stopped a tsunami with prayer. This might come in handy after Trump wins the presidency, especially given he plans to do nothing to stop global warming. Read story here. But the way things are going he may need Ken Ham’s ark, too. Read that story here. Photo[...]

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Federal judge swats down GOP vote suppression scheme in Ohio

A federal judge has blocked a GOP vote suppression effort in Ohio, a key battleground state. The judge ruled that a GOP-passed bill that curtails early voting imposes a “disproportionate burden” on African-American voters. A lawyer for the plaintiffs said, “It’s a shame that [...]

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Ken Starr resigns after Baylor U. demotes him for ignoring campus sex crimes

Ken Starr, the controversial special prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton, has resigned as Baylor University chancellor a week after being demoted to that position, but will keep his teaching position in the law school. The university declined to give a reason why Starr was removed as university[...]

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The Phillipine’s Trump: “Don’t fuck with me,” Duterte told senior church figures.  

Following his landslide election, the Philippine’s version of Trump,  President Rodrigo Duterte has branded local bishops corrupt “sons of whores” because of the opposition to birth control and support for traditional marriage. The new president went on to  warn the church, that  he ha[...]

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SeaTac’s ex-city manager denies asking for “tactical map” of Muslim residents

Even in the context of the American right’s current Islamophobia, this is over the top. James “Donny” Payne served as interim city manager of SeaTac, Washington, for only a few months — from January to April of 2016. But during his brief tenure, Payne quickly became controver[...]

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An All Wives Ticket for the GOP

Top GOPers push for Trump-Gingrich ticket: Six wives mean they ‘certainly understand women’ Some GOP insiders are predicting “the announcement of a Trump-Gingrich GOP ticket.” Rollins, who is a former Gingrich staffer, explained that Trump was open to the idea.[...]

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Seattle’s Housing: Where to put the mother in law?

Erica C. Barnett A compromise in the works would bring back the requirement that property owners who build backyard cottages or basement apartments must live in one of the units for at least one year after construction. The proposal, which comes from city council member Mike O’Brien, is intend[...]

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A Dialog with Anthony on Race

Do we realize that there are over a billion people of African descent on this planet! We are socialized to think that we are not even kin to those just south of us in the Caribbean let alone the black men and women in Australia, Papua New Guinea, shit Africa!. Not realizing that slavery was [&hellip[...]