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Fourteen Months Till Your Next Chance to Visit Mars

From Universe Today  A year on Mars lasts almost 689 days. In other words, a Martian year is 1.88 times as long as an Earth year. For every time Mars completes a single orbit around the Sun, Earth has almost gone around twice. A Mars Opposition occurs when planet Earth passes in between the Sun [&h[...]

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Idaho must pay activists’ legal bills in “ag-gag” case

A federal judge has ordered Idaho to pay $250,000 to animal-rights activists for their legal bills incurred in challenging an unconstitutional “ag-gag” law that made it a crime to video abuse of farm animals. Read story here. Several Republican-dominated farm states have passed such laws[...]

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FRANCIS JACOBSON: The Donald vs. The Bernie

FRANCIS JACOBSON It seems that two Presidential candidates have gained strength by reaching out to people who have been losers in the New Economy and Globalization. They differ widely, however, in what each wants to do about it, their sincerity and what aspects of the New Economy and Globalization h[...]

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Obama Plants The US Flag In Hanoi

Obama told a joint news conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang that disputes in the South China Sea should be resolved peacefully and not by whoever “throws their weight around”. But he insisted the arms embargo move was not linked to China. HANOI (Reuters) – In sharp warning [...]

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A Black Family Disaster: How much discussion was there over this form of marriage when we redefined marriage?

For those who did not see hypocrisy here, my questions is this How much discussion was there over this form of marriage when, at historic moment, we redefined marriage?[...]

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Where is the US Media While Venezuela is in Crisis?

Caracas (AFP) – If a visitor to Venezuela is unfortunate enough to pay for anything with a foreign credit card, the eye-watering cost might suggest they were in a city pricier than Tokyo or Zurich. A hamburger sold for 1,700 Venezuelan bolivares is $170, or a 69,000-bolivar hotel room is $6,90[...]