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The insulin racket

Break Up the Insulin Racket Too many Americans with diabetes can’t afford their medication.[...]

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Secret Service shoots man with gun near White House

A man brandishing a gun, described as a white male, was shot by Secret Service agents just outside the White House grounds on Friday after he refused to drop the gun. President Obama was away at the time, and wasn’t in danger. The suspect, identified by authorities as Jesse Oliveri from Penns[...]

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BUCHENWALD 120: a survivor

Ken Waltzer FACEBOOK  Naftali Furst attending 71st liberation ceremony at Buchenwald in Weimar, Germany April 2016. Naftali (with his partner Tova here) serves on the International Camp Committee at Buchenwald. He and his late brother, ages 13 and 12, respectively, arrived on a death march and ope[...]

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EgyptAir wreckage, remains found

There’s now no question the missing EgyptAir jetliner crashed in the Mediterranean with no survivors. Searchers have reported finding plane pieces, luggage, and human remains. Authorities suspect terrorism but it’s too early to know what caused the crash. This is a developing story.[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Franklin Graham Preaches to Judge Ginsberg on Chrsitian Law

  Franklin Graham demands Jewish Justice Ginsburg follow Christian beliefs on gay marriage Christian evangelist Franklin Graham invited his Facebook followers to pray for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Saturday, saying they should pray that her eyes… RAWSTORY.COM[...]

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Why Hillary?

Stuart Heady I go back to the 60s. If you have read much about those times and about JFK, LBJ, Nixon, etc., you know that we live in a time of complication where shocked people make wild claims all over the place. I think Hillary fits in with any of our Presidents very well. When […][...]

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Balmer’s Legacy

CNET reports that Microsoft is unloading  its low-end Nokia phone operations for $350 million to a Finnish startup and a unit of Taiwan’s manufacturing giant Foxconn,. U nder Steve Balmer, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile devices business for $7.2 billion (yes, billion) in 2014. Balme[...]

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Advice from Sulu to Bernie

George Takei urges fellow Sanders supporters: Abandon ‘family squabble’ and back Clinton Actor and activist George Takei released a video on Wednesday on his Facebook page urging fellow supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to unite behind fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clin[...]