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Big Report, Little Finding: The ITC Evaluates the Economic Impact of the TPP A huge amount of political steam has been blasted by  Sanders and Trump in an effort to to pin the  TPP trade pact as an albatross around the necks of Hillary and Obama> The essence of this hot air has bene that[...]

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Kochs can’t find an election to buy

The Koch brothers originally intended to spend $900 million on buying the 2016 presidential election, but the hoi polloi gave them a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, so they’re sitting this one out. “The Kochs … have since scaled back their budget for the entire cy[...]

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USA Today: “Trump’s Tax Troubles”

That’s the headline in today’s edition of USA Today. The article begins: “While Donald J. Trump refuses to release his federal tax returns, saying his tax rate is ‘none of your business,’ a USA TODAY analysis found Trump’s businesses have been involved in at least 100[...]

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SF police chief fired after cops kill black woman

  San Francisco’s mayor fired the city’s police chief today after cops shot and killed an unarmed black woman in a suspected stolen car. Protesters have demanded the chief’s ouster for months in the wake of a series of racially charged incidents. Read story here.    [...]

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Wreckage report is false alarm

EgyptAir says a report that its missing jetliner had been found was erroneous, and the debris in question is not from the plane. The Greek and Egyptian militaries are searching an area southeast of the Greek island of Karpathos. This is a developing story. Image: Arrow (lower right) points to island[...]

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Have a Bible-thumping shopping experience

A rightwing bigot, dragging her 12 kids behind her, rants inside a Target store. (Read story here.)[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Netanyahu Appoints a Racist Minister of Defence

Binyamin Netanyahu has appointed  Avigdor Lieberman as  defense minister.   Rabin, Golda, even Begin must be crying. So am I. This is not far from the Hindenburg’s appointment of Hitler as German Chancellor in 1932.  Lieberman, a former nightclub bouncer from Moldova with little military[...]

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House Democrats Outvote 2/3 of GOP, Vote To Remove Confederate Flag From VA Cemeteries

GOP Shows It Can Work With Trump Just 10 months ago, GOP leadership was so afraid of their members voting on the Confederate flag that they shut down the appropriations process. Now, the leadership permitted the vote and 1/3 of the GOP joined the Democrats voting for removal of the damned flag. The[...]

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Bernie Supporters Blame Hillary for Egyptair Crash

Spokesman for the BOB (Bernie or Bust campaign) have issued a press release: “We protest the media attention being given to the terrorist attack on EgyptAir.  This is obviously an effort ny the mainstream media to detract from the Sanders cmapaign and our massive pubic rallies in California.&[...]

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Dying GOP senator apologizes to Muslims for Trump

Robert Bennett was a 3-term U.S. Senator from Utah from 1993 – 2011 until pushed out of office by the Tea Party. He died at age 82 on May 4 after suffering a stroke. His son says, “So I was standing there with him in the hospital and out of nowhere he asked me, ‘Are there [&hellip[...]