BREAKING NEWS: Bernie is Being Created in China!

Happy May, Bernie backers!

Get your shipping information in. Don’t worry – we’re not the NSA so your mailing addresses are safe with us. We just want to make sure Bernie makes it home in time for a nice prime rib dinner!

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Here’s a first look at the plastic prototype, now equipped with movable joints on the neck, shoulders, and elbows!

The First Prototype
The First Prototype

Many of you have asked about our planned place of production. We’ve searched high and low, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a factory here in the USA that can do the type of plastic molding that’s needed for our Bernie Action Figure.

After talking to lots of knowledgeable people in the toy industry, we’ve learned that the hub of doll-making has shifted over the years. First it was France, then Germany, then the US, and now it’s moved on to China. As Bernie himself probably already knew; these factories moved away long ago. The only way to make an action figure in the US would be to build your own factory first and that’s much more than we can pull off right now.

So the Bernie Action Figure will be manufactured in China, like pretty much every toy made today. We know it’s a bit of a bummer, but take heart in knowing that the sculpture was made by a hard-working Seattle artist (Mike Leavitt), the Kickstarter campaign was run by us, a small Brooklyn company, the orders will be fulfilled by a New Jersey warehouse, and the boxes will be carried by the mighty wings of the United States Postal Service. This project’s success really is creating work and income for a bunch of ordinary Americans!

Alongside the action figure prototype, we’ve been working hard on getting those stretch goal rewards ready. Check out the box for our Red Hot Bernies!

Fired up for some Red Hot Bernies?
Fired up for some Red Hot Bernies?

We’re still working on getting the packaging finalized, but we’re one step closer to spicing up everyone’s life! These American-made cinnamon candies will make your mouth feel like the 4th of July. Supplies are limited, but you can add these onto your pledge to make your tastebuds just as heated as a debate on climate change.

Lastly, watch the new video Dave Days made with our otherpolitical action figure.

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