THE Ace Challenge: What is a “Shklee?”

Chris GoodwinChristopher Goodwin 
The whole pronoun thing is a joke. First lets remember that we are talking about 0.2% of the population if you use the most general definition. Second you must consider that currently in grade-school this is a fad. nearly 25% of students are asserting that they are gay, trans, demisexual, sepiasexual, asexual, avrosexual, polysexual, etc. I get to hear about this every day from a 7th grader. For pronouns the fad is to insist on he/him, they/them, she/her, xhe/xim, nae/nim, ne, ve, spivak, ze, zie, zi, zir, hir, and even Shklee – a pronoun used in Furutama for a planet-sized alien of indeterminate gender which has now been adopted by today’s kids.

All are obsessed with these attention getting label changes to try to describe their prepubescent sexuality. Why, because they are victims of a media Question Everythying whyobsessed with sensationalist chit and they have 24 hr access to the internet filled with you tube videos and are surrounded by adults who either fear for their jobs or are driven by an almost pathological need to be politically correct. I can tell you that over the past year it has become a badge of pride among the school mom’s to have a transgendered child and to openly espouse tolerance of it with all the vim and vigor with which they are openly gluten intolerant…

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Alex S. Morgan

“What you need to know about Obama’s new letter of guidance for transgender students:

– the administration has determined that the designation of “sex” in Title IX protections also includes gender identity, which means that if public schools don’t comply with these protections, they lose federal funding

– transgender students are only required to have their parent or guardian contact the school district to notify them that their identity differs from what is previously on record

– these students do not need to provide a medical diagnosis, identification documents, or any other information regarding their

– transgender students must be accommodated even when it makes other students uncomfortable

– transgender students can be offered the use of single stall restrooms, but if other students are not required to use them, then they aren’t required, either, and specifically mentions that if a student is uncomfortable sharing a restroom with a transgender person they can be offered a single stall restroom

– these protections also cover correct pronoun use as well, along with other guidelines”

Source: phoenixcollective on tumblr

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