Putin unleashes the ultimate retribution against Obama

putinhorseRussia’s president-for-life, Vladimir Putin (remember the barechested guy on a horse?) doesn’t like our term-limited president. He doesn’t like President Obama’s criticism of his invasion of Crimea, attempted conquest of Ukraine, and meddling in Syria. (Actually it was the Turks, not Americans, who shot down a Russian fighter, but never mind that. Putin needs a scapegoat because things aren’t going well on his homefront. Collapsing economy, and all that. America will do.)

160516-obama-the-goat-russia-jpo-548a_6bc57d0be6476905f16a87b6bcbda884.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Putin’s planes buzzed U.S. Navy ships in the Baltic like crows swooping on pedestrians in a park. He reminded us that Russia still has “nuclear weapons.” But Obama didn’t yield to his bluster. So the man on horseback finally blew his stack and pushed the button: The Russians have named a black goat “Obama.” Read the ugly details (warning: reader discretion advised; not suitable for young children) here. I feel sorry for the goat. The Russkies probably will throw darts at it.

Photos: Putin and “Obama”

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